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▌ Modern Farming 4 DVD Boxset Vol 3

4 hours of Modern Farming at it's best

Life on the land-Vol 1 follows the Montgomery family from Eglinton for a whole year of farming and contracting, feeding cattle, milking and planting crops. Also feature new life on the farm.

Life on the land-Vol 2 follows the Montgomery family from Eglinton cutting silage, cutting wholecrop, digging potatoes and speading slurry. A packed DVD full of information reflecting modern farming in the 21st century.

Spuds by the Acre covers modern planting, spraying and harvesting potatoes in the Roe Valley by McCartney and Hill who plant over 300 acres of potatoes each year. A real insight into modern farming. Filled with lots of information on the potato past and present.

The Brae Farmer and Hill Contractors is set in the glorious countryside around Rathfriland in Co. Down. Join us on a journey into the farming lives as farmers and contractors drains a local moss, cut silage and barley.

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