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▌ Cooley Vintage Festival - World Record 2007 NEW

Sunday 5th August 2007 ? a date anticipated by vintage enthusiasts around the world. This was to be the date of the Cooley vintage festival which was hosting the attempt to recapture the Guinness world record for vintage tractors working simultaneously.

Months of planning went into the organisation of this event with a great deal of debate going on ? would they or wouldn?t they be able to do it ?

Nothing could deter the ?die hard? vintage enthusiasts from around the world converging on Cooley on that day ? not even torrential rain on the night before and morning of the event. They came from far and wide to be part of it, all hoping to be able to call themselves record breakers before the end of the day.

This film chronicles the story of the event ? the planning, the assembly of the machines on the site, the amazement of the organisers as entries just kept coming and coming and all the action on that most memorable of days.

It has been said by many that this record will never be broken anywhere in the world ? that remains to be seen, but this production from Linton Film Productions has certainly captured a day in history which will be talked about for many years to come.

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